This is some of the characters that appears in Fox strip comics...


Me: Fox guy:

age: 16

I m the writter, editor, graphic manager of all

the comic, due to the excesive stress this

demands me, I need some time to torture

my characters.



age: 15

Hey I think its the principal character and

he have a sense of the right things, he tries

to help his friends, but when he cant well

HE GO BACK!!! He has more secrets

than the other characters.

He is a boogerhead...in my opinion


No nerd character:

age: 15

Wow you are confused because of that

name...well he doesnt have a name, really,

but one day they confused like a nerd

then i correct them and there its the meaning

of no nerd. This character is a magic user

and he hates his own suffering, self centred

and calm.




She can summon a weapon with her mind...

-scareee- she is bad, she likes watching the

people suffering, her friends are clive and

"no nerd" she often claims them as if

they were nothing less than a scumb


Female principal Martha


Every school has a principal, this is not the

exeption, she is so centred in the work

that she always forgot things of her past.


More to come.....

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